Welcome to Uni-Verse-City!

Hello and welcome to Uni-verse-city!

No, not the Ivy League universities you hear of, dream of, or for those lucky enough to attend.

So why is my blog called Uni-verse-city? When thinking about what would be a good name for my blog, I knew I wanted there to be room for versatility.

I needed a name that suited the topics I like to write about: travel, books, and city living.  So for all readers who are interested in these things, I will write one (uni) entry (verse) as often as I can no matter where in the world (city) I am.


About Nicole Basaraba

Nicole Basaraba is a Canadian writer focusing on topics of travel (Mondays), writing and literature (Wednesdays), lifestyle (Fridays) and her experiences living in the capital city of Europe: Brussels, Belgium.
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