Christmas in Paris

When you think of Paris at night, the first thing that may come to mind is the Eiffel Tower glittering in the dark. At Christmas time, there are so many more lights to enchant you in this beautiful city.

The first place to start is the Champs Elysees. The whole boulevard is lined with trees decorated in dancing lights, blue, purple, green, red and orange. The trees sparkle with the light reflecting off the diamond-like strings of circles hanging from the branches.

While admiring the lights show, you can wander past all of the booths lined up bearing Christmas goodies, food and gifts. Fresh meats, cheese, Gluhwein (hot red wine), wooden games, stuffed animals, winter wear, there is sure to be something for everyone on your Christmas list. When it gets darker, it becomes even more enchanting with the purple lights.

The Champs Elysees, being one of the most popular areas for tourists, has the more commercial Christmas market. If you want to see a Christmas market that is more reminiscent of the original German style, take the metro to La Defense and enjoy the over 350 chalets. In a small village on its own standing between the modern mirrored skyscrapers, it’s a clash of tradition and modernism that works so well together. The Christmas market in La Defense has more chalets, including those from around the world including Germany and Canada.

Don’t forget to stop at the Notre Dame to see the big Christmas tree. A great place to stand and enjoy the Christmas spirit and to take lots of photos. I’m sure it would look stunning from the boat along the Seine River.

You can’t visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower whether you go to the top or not, you can admire it looking like the most glamorous tree you’ve ever seen.


About Nicole Basaraba

Nicole Basaraba is a Canadian writer focusing on topics of travel (Mondays), writing and literature (Wednesdays), lifestyle (Fridays) and her experiences living in the capital city of Europe: Brussels, Belgium.
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11 Responses to Christmas in Paris

  1. And if you are missing the snow for Christmas, I have it here for you:

  2. So good! Paris is truly the City of Lights no matter what time of year. Thanks!

  3. Oh my land….BEAUTIFUL!!! I can only imagine what it’s like to experience it in person. It must just fill you with AWE and inspiration. Stunning….thank you for sharing!

  4. Incredible photos, although I hear there’s nothing quite like Paris in Springtime. LOL Thanks for sharing, Nicole.

  5. I’ve been to Paris in December (just prior to Christmas) and found it as magical as your pictures portray.

  6. What gorgeous pictures. I’ve been to Paris, but didn’t see it as you have. Now I want to go back…

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