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This page will start to fill up with book reviews. These articles can also be found under the “Books” category. I love getting book recommendations, so if you’ve read any goodies lately, please leave a comment.

If you’re an author and would like me to review your book, just send me an email at


Ahern, Cecelia – Thanks for the Memories
Ahern, Cecelia – Where Rainbows End
Ahern, Cecelia – The Gift


Bell, James Scott – Plot and Structure
Bell, Shelly – A Year to Remember
Binchy, Meave – Silver Wedding
Brooks, Larry – Story Engineering


Colgan, Jenny – Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe


Evans, Harriet – Love Always


Gregory, Philippa – The White Queen


Keyes, Maria – Last Chance Saloon
Keyes, Marian – Anybody Out There?
Keyes, Marian  – Angels
Keyes, Marian – This Charming Man
Keyes, Marian – The Other Side of the Story
King, Stephen – On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft


Lamb, Kristen – We Are Not Alone:  A Writer’s Guide to Social Media


Mayer, Bob – The Writer’s Toolkit
Mlynowski, Sarah and Farrin Jacobs – See Jane Write: A Girl’s Guide to Writing Chick Lit


Snyder, Blake – Save the Cat (Guest post by Gene Lempp)
Stockett, Kathryn – The Help (Guest post by Jolyse Barnett)


Weir, Alison – Lady in the Tower: The Fall of Anne Bolyen


Yardley, Cathy – Will Write for shoes: How to write a Chick Lit Novel


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