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European desire for closeness – Living in Brussels

Living as a Canadian expat in Brussels, there are a lot of cultural and social rules that one needs to learn and adjust too. One social quirk that I just cannot get accustomed to is the Europeans’ desire to be … Continue reading

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The Fine Art of Italian Rule Bending – Guest Post by Sarah Mastroianni

Today I’m welcoming guest Sarah Mastroianni who is going to share a story from the perspective of a Canadian expat living in Italy. My first ever glimpses of the Italian countryside were enjoyed from the back seat of a speeding Mercedes convertible … Continue reading

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Proof that Brussels is a mixed bag

Brussels is the capital city of Europe, home to the European Commission, the European Parliament, NATO and many many more worldly organizations and agencies. Its seen more as a city of transit than a permanent home. I feel bad for … Continue reading

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Self Revelation: One year gone

I realized today, because I said it out loud at French class. Yes, I’m taking french class again. sigh. I have lived in Brussels for over a year. One year and two months to be more precise. It sounds like … Continue reading

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