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History of the Christmas Market in Europe

I did a guest post over at the lovely Marcia Richard’s blog on the History of Christmas in Europe. Here’s just a taste of what I write about: In many towns in Germany and Austria, Advent (coming of Christmas) is usually … Continue reading

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Aachen, Germany: It’s in the details

First impression: clean. Coming from Brussels and entering Aachen, there were some things that struck me immediately. Number one it was very clean and cheerful. The city has bright colored buildings in welcoming pastels. For a while I felt like … Continue reading

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Cologne in Germany

Cologne. That word sounds familiar. Cologne is a city and Germany and it is known for its cologne (perfume). Although, I didn’t venture into the stores to check out the scents, I experienced the Christmas outdoors in this amazing city. … Continue reading

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The Trade off: European Lifestyle

So while living in Europe and being all domestic and stuff, I’d have to say there are some definite positive trade offs. There are moments when I must enjoy being in Europe to the fullest. First of all there is … Continue reading

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