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Top 10 travel tips to avoid looking like a tourist in Europe

Traveling to Europe? You DO NOT want to look like this: Guy on the left: socks with sandals and short shorts. Next guy: backpack with white runners, camera around the neck and water bottle. Third guy: trying to hard to … Continue reading

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A Weekend Getaway in De Haan, Belgium

Today I’m guest posting, so head over to: Jolyse Barnett’s Margarita Moments & Other Escapes to read the full post. Here’s a sneak peak: While the weather isn’t known to be the best in Belgium, ok its not known to even be … Continue reading

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Peles Castle – Sinaia, Romania

Peleș Castle (pronounced Pelish Castle) is located in Sinaia (pronounced Sin-eye-a) Romania – a mountain town/resort in the Carpathians – which is the first city I visited outside of Bucharest. I’d have to say the drive to Sinaia and the … Continue reading

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Last day of vacation and ROW80 check in

So today is my last day of vacation. I didn’t think I would ever say it, but its probably a good thing in some sense. I know, I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. Firstly, been consuming far … Continue reading

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Uni-Verse-City blog birthday and Row80 check in

So yesterday August 6, was Uni-Verse-City blog’s birthday. I felt like I should have done something a little more special for it growing to be one year’s old, but being on vacation in warm weather and over eating to the point … Continue reading

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Lots of sun not so much writing, ROW80 check in

When I arrived in Bucharest, Romania the temperature was 26 at 10:00 at night. In Brussels, I would have been in a pants and sweater long before 7:00pm, but not here. I don’t know what the exact tempurature was yesterday, but … Continue reading

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Over preparing for vacation/ROW80 check in

So I made the mistake of telling my colleagues at work that I’m packing this weekend for my upcoming vacation. Yes, packing is a normal thing to do before your vacation, but I did mine 4 days in advance. My … Continue reading

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September Surge

It’s the end of summer, where everyone is still wearing shorts, skirts and t-shirts. People are still going to patios and having barbeques. Friends are re-uniting and sharing stories from their summer vacations. There is an exciting surge of activity. In general people seem happy to see each other, talking and getting back to work, starting new things and enjoying the last days of warmth (depending on where you live). Continue reading

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