Writers’ Uni-Verse-City

Please note THIS BLOG HAS MOVED to www.nicolebasaraba.com (as of January 2012).

What is “Uni-Verse-City” anyway? On the About page you can find a description about the name of this blog and its purpose, but I will paste it here again for convenience:

“This name leaves room for versatility to write about: travel, books, and living in Brussels.  So for all readers who are interested in these things, I will write one (uni) entry (verse) as often as I can no matter where in the world (city) I am.”

ivy hall © Chris Hellyar | Dreamstime.comThis is still true and it will remain the central theme to my blog. But I am now starting what I have deemed “Writers’ Uni-Verse-City” (or WUVC for short because every university has an acronym). Being a university graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree, I’ve always planned to take a Master of Arts program. The initial plan was to do this after two years of working after my finishing my undergrad so that I could save up some money to afford a MA. Now that the two year mark has passed (graduated in April 2009…which seems so long ago now), not because I’m lazy, don’t want to go back to school or can’t afford it. The problem is choosing a program. Of course the ideal situation would to be to taken an on-campus degree, but I’m open to taking a distance program so I could study anywhere I want or happen to be.

books © Stanko Mravljak | Dreamstime.comSo the task of finding a program that I like, that will give me the tools, skills and knowledge I’m looking to gain has proved to be difficult. So my theory is: until I find a program that I like and think would give me what I’m looking to achieve, I have created my own Writers’ Uni-Verse-City for which I will do independent research, set my own curriculum and hopefully find other participants (like you – the readers/bloggers/writers) to chip in, give tips, suggest books and other materials for study,  teach me the ways of the warrior writer, and offer to guest post here at Uni-Verse-City.

WUVC was an idea that resulted from the inspiring authors: Bob Mayer and Kristen Lamb and accordingly the first books for study are:

  • “The Writer’s Toolkit – A Guide to Writing Great Fiction and Getting it Published” by Bob Mayer
  • “Warrior Writer” by Bob Mayer
  • “We Are Not Alone – The Writer’s Guide to Social Media” by Kristen Lamb

If you would like to get your hands on this course material (yes I’m taking WUVC that seriously), you can order it as a package namely “The Triple Threat” from Who Dares Wins Publishing, founded by Bob Mayer. So please join in and we will be begin with “The Writer’s Toolkit”.

WUVC will be a Wednesday thing. (You know going with the whole Writing Wednesday trend).  All posts will be filed under the “writing” category.

Archived WUVC posts (from newest to oldest):

Genre blog series:
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Writing a Conspiracy Thriller by Laurence O’Bryan

Oh, You Write THOSE Books – On Writing Romance by Roni Loren
The Women’s Fiction Mystique – guest post by Amy Sue Nathan
Historical Fiction has it all – A guest post by Marcia Richards
We Want to Make you Scream: Writing Horror by Barbara McDowell
Tips for Writing a Traditional Murder Mystery by Elizabeth S. Craig
Writing in Different Genres: A Blog Series

5 Responses to Writers’ Uni-Verse-City

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  2. alberta ross says:

    hope you find a course to suit – if it’s like Uk they are too expensive to make a mistake in the choosing – so fingers crossed for you.

    • Yes, actually I’ve looked at quite a few programs in the UK are there are some that I like a lot. The cost is definitely an issue and I think the fees are going up substantially in 2012! So for now, its Writers’ Uni-Verse-City time. 🙂

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  4. Jenny Hansen says:

    This is a wonderful plan, Nicole. I think you’re going to get a TON of value out of this. I can usually dig up a guest post here and there so let me know when you run out of Wednesday material and I’ll be happy to have some fun over there in Brussels. 🙂

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